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Finding a presenter with a clear portfolio and successful track record of working with corporate clients can be a tricky business. You need more than an arty black and white photograph and a list of gigs to judge if they are right for you. This is where we can help. Contrast Design has created a compelling online directory of male and female presenters, individually chosen based on their skills and experience in representing businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.



A friendly and relaxed approach suitable for both informal and formal presentations. She will deliver your message with great consistency, making the viewer more receptive to your pitch.



Carolyn produces "news style" corporate videos. Carolyn was a Senior News Reporter and Presenter at ITV Meridian Tonight.



Dynamic and professional with a warm and friendly delivery. This artist will deliver your message with great consistency, putting the viewer at ease and making them more receptible to your pitch.



Charlotte will deliver your message with great consistency and professionalism. Full of enthusiasm and energy, she is great for all types of business productions.



Hannah is a passionate presenter with autocue experience, and her versatility ensures she can present with authority across a range of industries.



A lively, exciting character who can deliver a message with great enthusiasm and energy. Professional delivery with genuine honesty makes the viewer relaxed and open to your message.



This video presenter depicts integrity with her upfront, professional and direct personality - A great one for B2B or legal productions.



An articulate presenter, capable of bringing credibility and energy to his work. With a great experience as a professional presenter.



A dynamic presenter who can portray a variety of emotions and is suitable for both professional and casual delivery. This presenter is also fluent in Spanish.

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Presenters Services

Studio Services

All of our presenters are filmed in our studios and the costs are inclusive of the presenter, cameraman, teleprompter operator and studio hire for half a day.

Casting Services

If you can’t find the person you’re looking for we offer a professional casting service, searching 1000's of presenters to find the perfect individual for you and your business.

Foreign Language

We work regularly with outstanding and professional business presenters who are native speakers of all major world languages.

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